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Strengths for Success™ combines the might of two industry-leading assessment tools to help your clients identify their natural productivity styles and unique personality types—knowledge that contributes to their ability to gain employment, keep a job, and be happy and successful in their work. Our personality type assessment helps clients gain confidence and greater self-awareness, preparing them to pursue careers and work experiences that match their innate strengths. The second assessment pinpoints your client’s productivity style and reveals their most effective working environment, helping to boost self-esteem, reduce work-related stress and improve overall performance.

Scientifically Proven Results

Our comprehensive tools are backed by years of psychological research. Based on the best-selling book, Do What You Are®, our Personality Type assessment is founded on decades of Jungian type theory. Research has shown that individuals exhibit distinct preferences in how they take in information, make decisions, and interact with their inner and outer worlds. These innate dispositions represent “personality type,” an individual’s personal secret to success. With insight into their natural strengths and preferences, your clients will be more confident and better prepared to make good decisions in their career choices and work experiences.

Over 30 years of doctoral research has proven that an understanding of preferences can considerably improve a worker’s personal productivity. Studies show that an ideal working environment can enhance concentration, boost output, and help your clients to more effectively absorb new or difficult information. Our Productivity Environmental Preference Survey (PEPS) has been proven to be a valid and reliable instrument and is the most accurate and widely used productivity style inventory of its kind worldwide.

Personalized for Your Client

Using Strengths for Success is simplicity itself. A step-by-step list of directions guides your client through the product. Their work is tracked and stored in a secure, online portfolio, making it quick and easy to pick up where they left off. With the tools in your staff portfolio, you can message clients, chart their progress and review their results.

Upon completion of Strengths for Success, your client will receive a comprehensive, customized report identifying their unique personality profile and productivity preferences. The report details their strengths and potential challenges, helping your client to understand how they can use their natural gifts to accomplish goals in the workplace and overcome obstacles to their success. The report also discusses which career situations are likely to be most gratifying and provides links to profiles of careers and fields of study matched to your client’s personality type, making it easy to zero in on opportunities offering the greatest likelihood of satisfaction and career success.

Experience the Strengths for Success Advantage

What’s in it for you? Powerful, easy-to-use tools that motivate and inspire your clients, and help them to make more successful career decisions. Whether your client is looking to land a new position or seeking greater satisfaction in their current role, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of usage, efficacy and science behind Strengths for Success. Online and self-directed, it puts your client in the driver’s seat, allowing you to spend more time advising and less time administering tests. Help them to find their perfect fit, to interact more effectively with employers, managers and colleagues, and to discover their most productive working environment.

Through learning about myself (my strengths and my weaknesses), I now see myself in a new way. I am more secure about who I am and what I am capable of doing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is personality type such a good predictor of career satisfaction and success?

Personality type is the innate way people naturally see the world and make decisions - a set of basic drives and motivations that remain constant throughout a person’s life. Values, skills, and interests are quite fluid in young people and often change significantly as they grow older. Learning about their Personality Types provides students with accurate and invaluable insights about themselves and their career-related needs. This enables them to make the most informed, satisfying, college and career decisions.

What are the preferences in Productivity Preferences?

Productivity Preferences analyzes 16 different preferences...

Immediate environment (sound, heat, light and design)

  1. Likes Quiet vs. Likes Sound
  2. Dim Light vs. Bright Light
  3. Cool Environment vs. Warm Environment
  4. Informal Design vs. Formal Design

Emotionality (motivation, responsibility, persistence and structure)

  1. Low Motivation vs. High Motivation
  2. Low Persistence vs. High Persistence
  3. Less Structure vs. More Structure

Sociological needs (self-oriented, peer-oriented, adult-oriented or combined ways)

  1. Prefers Learning Alone vs. Prefers Learning with Peers
  2. Low Authority Motivation vs. High Authority Motivation

Physical needs (perceptual preference(s), time of day, food intake and mobility)

  1. Low Auditory vs. High Auditory
  2. Low Visual vs. High Visual
  3. Low Tactile vs. High Tactile
  4. Low Kinesthetic vs. High Kinesthetic
  5. No Intake vs. Likes Intake
  6. Late Day vs. Early Day
  7. No Mobility vs. Likes Mobility

Has research been conducted on Personality Types?

Yes. A large independent study was conducted on the psychometric properties of Personality Types. The results showed that Personality Types has comparable results to the MBTI in the validity test examining fit. Personality Types also has stable psychometric properties and “very respectable” reliability. 91% of the individuals sampled reported that they were “mostly or very comfortable” with the fit of their report’s type descriptions and 75% of people picked a type that matched their MBTI results after professional intervention.

Read the statistical analysis and research findings

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