Adults find meaning and fulfillment – or misery and frustration – in quite different working environments. We all perform more effectively, and enjoy our work more, when our jobs, careers and places of employment better match who we are, as unique individuals.

Clients looking for work will find more success when they acquire strategic self-awareness, identify their natural strengths, and skilfully apply this knowledge to the search for satisfying work. Employers want more than just someone to fill the job requirements. They want someone who is a match for their work environment. Our easy online tools will help your clients learn exactly what their natural fit is and which careers offer that fit.

If your client or employee is looking to increase satisfaction within their current role, you can help them boost productivity and fulfillment by showing them how to adapt to their environment and focus on their strengths. Knowledge of your client’s personality type, preferred work environment and natural productivity inclinations will help you offer them a better chance of success—and potentially advance their career as a result!


Help your clients:

  • Improve their odds of getting hired
  • Communicate better with employers, managers and colleagues
  • Concentrate longer on tasks and absorb complex information
  • Find their natural strengths and challenges - and work with them
  • Perform more effectively, alone or in teams
  • Find reliable information on careers that fit them
  • Prevent and/or effectively manage conflict
  • Re-enter the workforce from time at home or in the military


Personality Type

Help students understand who they are and refine career guidance

Use the enduring power of personality to improve students’ education and career planning. Students receive an engaging and interactive report with their four-letter personality code (eg, ISFJ) and its related strengths, challenges and recommendations, along with a select list of careers that they’re most likely to succeed in. Professionals can track student progress, view and manage student information, access detailed reporting and find support within Professional Tools.

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Productivity Preferences

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Enhance performance in college and on the job. Productivity Preferences diagnoses students’ individual productivity preferences based on an analysis of 16 different characteristics. The 20-minute assessment will build students’ confidence with significant self-knowledge and more successful learning in college and university.

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Multiple Intelligences

Maximize student potential by applying their unique intelligence

Intelligence comes in many forms and can always be developed further. Students who know their multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence strengths can leverage that knowledge to perform better in school and select a satisfying education and career path. Professionals can track student progress, view and manage student information, access detailed reporting and find support within Professional Tools.

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Strength for Success

Discover the Power Within

Strengths for Success™ combines the might of two industry-leading assessment tools to help your clients identify their natural productivity styles and unique personality types—knowledge that contributes to their ability to gain employment, keep a job, and be happy and successful in their work. Our personality type assessment helps clients gain confidence and greater self-awareness, preparing them to pursue careers and work experiences that match their innate strengths. The second assessment pinpoints your client’s productivity style and reveals their most effective working environment, helping to boost self-esteem, reduce work-related stress and improve overall performance.

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